© 2012 - All rights reserved - Alkhora Company Designed By : J.kassis Home Profile Links Contact us Introduction : Alkhora Co. is the major independent supplier in Iraq for many fields especially in scientific and engineering field by supplying, installation and commissioning

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equipments used in Universities, Scientific institute, Factories, Hospitals and Industrial laboratories. Our business has been built on excellent customer service combined with strong groups of agents and supplier companies which are able to meet the needs of our market place. History : Alkhora Co. is a company supplying all kind of laboratories equipments and it has good experience in industrial field. The company was established in 1991 as a real presence for a good distributor in the Middle East. Our mission : Our goal is to serve the esteemed customers and to contribute in rebuilding Iraq and supplied by the latest equipment and techniques and skills to contribute to the training of the Iraqi clients on the latest scientific equipment and modern techniques. Alkhora Co. composing the managers and employees today are looking forward to the of the previous company's successful achievements in order to try to accomplish what is best in the future.
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