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ALKHORA We Offer the Highest Quality Devices for Hospitals, University's Laboratories, Medical Clinics, etc, In Cooperation with the Biggest Manufacturers in the Field. For General Trading Contact Now Contact Now ALKHORA offers a large range of products and services to upstream oil & gas in Iraq Contact Now Intelligent Laboratories The concept of intelligent laboratories idealized by Laborial intersects with the new trends of technology, such as the “Internet of Things”, ubiquitous computing, interactivity, sensor networks and access to information from anywhere in the world. The idea was consolidated and materialized in a set of technologies that impart the analogical based products on the ability to connect, communicate and interact with users. In Cooperation with LABORIAL Contact Now ALKHORA is one of the most respected names in the Power Sector & Marine Industry in Iraq. In addition to application of Process Control, Pneumatic & Fluid Power Equipment Contact Now

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About Us

We have gained an outstanding reputation in the region by lowering the costs of owning and maintaining medical equipment for our clients.

Our Expertise

Over 24 years of operating within the field of quality delivery, which have made us a powerful partner to many of the world’s leading brands.

Turnkey solutions

Why waste precious time dealing with multiple vendors for your business requirements while the team at ALKHORA is ready to handle them all?

Our Services

Medical & Pharmaceutical Sector

ALKHORA  deals with an extensive range of high-value products for the benefit of our loyal customer base.

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Educational Lab Equipment

ALKHORA is a provider for laboratory solutions which has it’s core business on three essential areas: technical furniture and fume cupboards; turn-key projects for laboratory and hospital critical areas; technological solutions for laboratories and controlled environments.

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Industrial Sector

We have been working in all power generation plants, since 1993, in several areas in Iraq

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Oil & Gas

ALKHORA is one of the most respected names in the Oil field & Marine Industry in Iraq. In addition to application of Process Control, Pneumatic & Fluid Power Equipment

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We provide a wide range of highest quality products and in cooperation with the best brands in the field such as YENI Pharma & ThemoFischer Scientific.

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Environmental Field

ALKHORA Company has been a trusted resource in Iraq in environmental projects. Our goal is to make your experience as easy as possible, with qualified staff who work to provide you with value and compliant services.

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    Our Mission & Values

    Our values are clear!

    Why Choose Us

    A group of companies!

    Mission & Values

    Focusing upon providing our esteemed customers with the following:
    • Safety – Embracing a culture to Protect our employees & Clients
    • Integrity – Being Honest & doing what is right
    • Talent – Keeping the best
    • Quality – Delivering what is required with the best standards
    • Customers – follow up & healthy communication with client
    • Result – meet Customer satisfaction
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    Why Us

    We are a group of companies in different industrial & medical fields, which can serve you in the best way!
    1-Alkhora company for general trading
    2-Wadi Al Rimal company for General contracting
    3-Bariq al amal company for mechanical contracting
    4-DECO building contracting company
    We did many projects with Oil sectors , Power generation and distribution for maintenance and rehabilitation and built new power plant, water treatment Plants, Environmental test equipment’s for Air, Water and Radiation Pollution, Universities and school's scientific equipment.
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